James Cook, Kythe Heller & Luke Daly

Saturday, February 25, 3 pm
Unaffiliated Reading Series
Outpost 186
186 ½ Hampshire St.
Inman Sq.

James Cook's work has appeared in Process, Polis, Eoagh, the Sunday Morning Anthology, and elsewhere. Openmouth Press published a chapbook of his poems called Some Arguments, and Boston's Pressed Wafer Press published a fold-out called from Arguments and Letters. James lives in Gloucester with his wife, Amanda, and two Children, Samuel and Abigail, and is a teacher at Gloucester High School.

Kythe Heller is a poet and multi-media performing artist currently based in Cambridge, MA. Her book Immolation (Monk Honey, 2008) was a finalist for the Walt McDonald First Book Prize in Poetry from Texas Tech UP. Currently she teaches in the Language and Thinking Program at Bard College while also pursuing an MDiv degree at Harvard University.

Luke Daly lives in Chicago. His books include AV / AV (in collaboration with Eric Unger), VATS, 1-51, The Vandalism Questions, and Of a Free Town (with Barrett Gordon). He is co-editor of the arrow as aarow chapbook series.