The Deep Moat Reading Series

This Saturday, June 13th at 7:00 PM

at the Pierre Menard Gallery

Justin Marks,

Julia Cohen,


Heather Green

Justin Marks' first book is A Million in Prizes (New Issues Press). He is also the author of several chapbooks, the most recent beingVoir Dire (Rope-a-Dope Press). New work can be found in Harp & Altar, Sink Review and Tusculum Review. He is the founder and editor of Kitchen Press Chapbooks and lives in New York City with his wife and their twin son and daughter.

Julia Cohen is the author of several chapbooks including The History of a Lake Never Drowns (Dancing Girl Press), Who Could Forget the First Sensational Evening of the Night (H_NG M_N Pres) & When We Broke the Microscope (with Mathias Svalina) (Small Fires Press) . Her poems have been published in Denver Quarterly, Copper Nickel, Bird Dog, Spinning Jenny, RealPoetik, Forklift, Ohio, MiPOesias, and GutCult amongst others. Her first collection Triggermoon, Triggermoon is forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press.

Heather Green’s chapbook, The Match Array, is available from Dancing Girl Press. Her work has appeared in Denver Quarterly, Barrow Street, The Hat, Tarpaulin Sky, and other journals. She lives in Boston, though not for long.