Sunday September 7, 3:00pm

Demolicious Poetry/Multimedia Series
Pierre Menard Gallery, 10 Arrow Street (Harvard Square) Cambridge, MA

Thom Donovan lives in New York City, where he curates Peace On A events series, and is a participant in the Nonsite Collective ( He also edits Wild Horses of Fire weblog (, and coedits ON: a journal of contemporary practice (, the first issue of which is forthcoming this fall. His first chapbook since 2005, Our Insalvageable, will be soon with Vigilance Society.

Ophibre is Benjamin Rossignol, a sound artist living in Boston, USA. His pieces tend to reflect upon the given medium/s of sonic delivery and the potential modes of engaging with them. He is interested in drones, ones that are aural and those to be translated or expressed. His label, Oph Sound, is focused on limited run releases of album art.