Sunday 12/2

Demolicious Poetry/Multimedia Series
2pm at Out of the Blue Gallery
106 Prospect Street (Central Square), Cambridge

Mairead Byrne’s poetry collections include Talk Poetry (Miami University Press 2007), SOS Poetry (/ubu Editions 2007), and Nelson & The Huruburu Bird (Wild Honey Press 2003); also three chapbooks, An Educated Heart (Palm Press 2005), Vivas (Wild Honey Press 2005), and Kalends (Belladonna* 2005). She is an Associate Professor of English at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence . With Ian Davidson, she is the co-manager of the listserv British & Irish Poets. Before immigrating to the United States in 1994, she was a journalist, playwright, arts centre director, and teacher in Ireland.

Nick Monfort's recent projects include Currency, a series of four collaborations with video artist Roderick Coover, and Ream, a 500-page poem written in one day. He has also collaborated on the blog Grand Text Auto, the sticker novel Implementation, and 2002: A Palindrome Story, which was acknowledged by the Oulipo as the world's longest literary palindrome. He has written and programmed several interactive fiction pieces, including Ad Verbum and Book and Volume. Montfort studied poetry in the graduate creative writing program at Boston University and is now working on a book of poems, Riddle & Bind. He lives in Cambridge and teaches at MIT.