Sunday 11/4

Demolicious Poetry/Multimedia Series

2pm at Out of the Blue Gallery
106 Prospect Street (Central Square) Cambridge MA

Charley Shively is a poet and former professor of history who lives in Cambridge, Mass. He is the author of Drum Beats: Walt Whitman’s Civil War Boy Lovers and Calamus Lovers: Walt Whitman’s Working Class Camerados. In the 1970s he published Fag Rag, one of the first gay-liberation publications in the United Stated.

Tom Beckett is the author of Unprotected Texts: Selected Poems 1978~2006 (Meritage Press) and curator of E-X-C-H-A-N-G-E-V-A-L-U-E-S: The First XI Interviews (Otoliths). From 1980-1990, he edited and published The Difficulties. He blogs include interviews at and personal stuff at He lives and works in Kent, Ohio.